Product details
[name] pet socks
[Weight] XS:30g S: 40g M: 50g L: 60 g
[Specifications] 4 / set
[Material] cotton, very good elasticity, elastic design, will not slip, can be firmly placed on the dog's foot, anti-slip rubber on the sole of the foot.
[Baby description] high-quality cotton socks, fashionable, beautiful, cute, put on pet cats and dogs, but prevent the feet from getting dirty, scratching and scratching the floor, sofa, furniture, home items, etc. Oh! Very affordable and very practical.
Socks are flexible. It is recommended to choose the same size or slightly smaller size as the dog's feet to prevent the dog from scratching the furniture and to protect the dog's small claws.
Classic puppy pet socks - made of cotton thread, suitable for small and medium dogs, allowing dogs to walk freely at home and prevent scratching the floor.
At the same time, it plays a role in keeping warm, and with the fashionable design, the gorgeous color can increase the degree of love of dogs.

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